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I dance.  I have danced all my life in one form or another.  I dance when I paint or draw or when I write.

I have choreographed many dances, sold many paintings. I feel like I have something to say and am obsessed with saying it. Art alone is not complete enough: I also need the words.

I let the page dance with me and I see what emerges.  I let my inner voice speak as I quiet my outer voice. I try to enter a dream state and let the thoughts and images come to me.

When I make art of any kind, you will find me listening and not talking.  My art is therefore a challenge or a response to issues current in my life.

My interest is people and what keeps us all going in our ordinary lives. I was weaned on magical realism, so my art always contains an element of the surreal, the ghosts that exist within and without.

How lives can change in an instant or be changing, changing over time without one’s consent: like a piece of beach glass, worn at the edges, but still full of light and color.

I am new to writing, but I am fully immersed in it, dancing my way into my psyche.

I love drawings, doodles, cartoons, whatever pops out of my brain and onto the page.  I try to meld my interior life with the subject: thus removing the layer of reality and forcing me into self-examination. 

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